Carnevale, Warhammer Underworlds & Aeronautica Imperialis

In this third episode of The Hobby Studio, Megan and Michael will give you an update on what hobby they have been doing this past fortnight, Michael talks with Wookie Gunner about Carnevale and both he and Megan Talk to James Turner about Warhammer Underworlds.

And then Michael and Megan talk about Aeronautica Imperialis.

  • 0:00:14 – Intro & Hobby Update
  • 0:04:52 – Carnevale with Wookie Gunner
  • 0:55:36 – Warhammer Underworlds with James Turner
  • 2:24:07 – Aeronautica Imperialis & Close

Total Running Time:- 2:42:52

Show Notes

Our Hobby Update

The Hoby Studio – Episode 3

Carnevale with Wookie Gunner

Warhammer Underworlds with James


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Next episode we will be chatting about Kings of War: Armada and more

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