Your Hosts

Here is a bit of information about the people who will be chatting about their games and hobby on The Hobby Studio.


Michael has been gaming since he was 8 after buying a copy of Combat Cards in Woolworths and then taking a trip to Ipswich to buy some Chaos Dwarves.

He mostly plays Horus Heresy, but also has a healthy interest in Bolt Action, Warhammer 40k, Dropfleet Commander, Blood Bowl and Age of Sigmar.

He is a host on Edge of Empire and a painting streamer on Twitch.


Megan was introduced to wargames by Michael and immediately wanted to start an army of Drukhari.

She has since developed a love of greenskins and now has added many a unit to Michaels Orks, and she has an Ironjawz army on her pile of potential.

She also shares a Blood Angels army with Michael and loves to paint minis for board games too.